Friendly Neighborhood Consulting LLC
– Co-Founder

    • Consulting services including
      • Engineering
        • Photonic, Optical, Mechanical, Electrical, Software…
      • Business Management
      • Operations & Process
      • OSINT & GEOINT
      • Security
        • Cyber & Physical
      • Research & Development

Deepspace Lab – Undergraduate Lab Manager (2015-2018)

    Project Description: Researched phased laser arrays, vacuum chambers, finite element analysis, and electronics design for planetary defense, interstellar propulsion, and remote composition analysis. In Lubin’s lab, my chief aim is enabling our researchers. To that end, I lead and mentor dozens of students, organize initiatives, and spend countless hours cobbling resources together to produce annual conference papers. Because of this, I have an overview of the lab’s numerous projects and am frequently the point-of-entry for prospective researchers.

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Ghost Diver – Technical Consultant (Premiered 8/2/19 on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week)

    • Project Description: Master illusionist, author, and inventor Andrew Mayne is going to attempt to create the first-of-its-kind SHARK SUIT to overcome the senses of a great white shark and make him invisible to the world’s most perfect predator… He teams up with underwater cameraman Andy Casagrande and Dr. Neil Hammerschlag on a global quest to uncover the power of the great white’s predation senses — all to prepare him for the ultimate test — putting himself in the middle of a great white frenzy in Australia. Will it work? Andrew’s life depends on it.
  • Helped build a prototype stealth shark suit
  • Assisted during production with sound, camera, and whatever else needed to get done

Shortcut Novel– Technical Adviser (2018-2019)

    • Project Description: SHORTCUT is the story of a math genius who finds himself challenged not only intellectually but emotionally when a loved one is abducted while he’s working on the next generation of space travel
  • Created over a dozen technical memos to find science-based solutions to plot and fictional problems
  • Reviewed final novel for technical accuracy in the areas of space science, photonics, and mathematics

University Clean Room – Semiconductor Engineer (2017-2018)

    • Project Description: After a full quarter of practicing the techniques involved in making steady state semiconductor devices including applying photoresist, optical lithography, growing oxides, mask alignment, and familiarizing ourselves with the equipment and tools necessary to perform each part of the process, we were given the task of making our own MOSFET devices. The lab skills that we acquired over the course of the quarter are both applicable and important as semiconductor fabrication is a rapidly advancing area of study in electrical engineering.

Necsel– Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer (2017)

      • Project Description: An award winning global organization headquartered in the Silicon Valley, Necsel designs and manufactures high powered visible lasers. With the financial backing of Ushio Inc., one of the world’s largest specialty light source manufacturers, Necsel has become the leader in visible laser system solutions. Necsel’s unique patented technology has transformed cinema projection and specialty lighting markets and has developed a broad applications base across a variety of industries.
      • Executed, improved, and documented a workflow for collecting wavelength, power, divergence, beam pointing, temperature, and other quality assurance (QA) data. The workflow involved characterizing twenty laser emitters on over one hundred of Necsel’s Red Multi-Die Packages (MDP) in a cleanroom using an optical spectrum analyzer (OSA), a thermoelectric cooler (TEC), a water chiller, two cameras, and beam analysis software
      • Created new and edited existing Excel Macros using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) analyze the data collected. One process required nearly 4000 lines of hand-crafted code.
      • Created temperature tuning curves for second-harmonic crystals on proprietary externally coupled VCSEL green fiber-coupled lasers
      • Acquired, soldered, and assembled custom RCA cables for a laser projection Dolby Surround Sound installation
      • Gathered lifetime test data for blue and green laser diodes
      • Characterized power, current, and voltage for infrared, red, green, blue, and violet lasers before shipment to customer
      • Mentored by CEO William Mackenzie and Director of Manufacturing Michael Finander

DermaChill – Consultant (2016-2017)

      • Project Description: DermaChill’s proprietary hand-held device uses intercepting sensory inputs to provide immediate itch relief to a localized area without the adverse effects of current market products. DermaChill helps to safely and effectively break the itch scratch cycle to protect the skin and allow for lasting healing.
      • Consulted on the development and testing of a medical device using thermoelectric cooling (TEC) technology to alleviate chronic itching in diseases such as Eczema and certain cancers

Eye Opener Cafe – Founder (2016)

  • Project Description: The Eye Opener Cafe seeks to bring food and drink options to the engineering side of UCSB’s campus after hours.


    • Researched coffee making technologies
    • Conducted market research
    • Assembled a team of mechanical engineers
    • Built and tested a prototype coffee serving robot based on market research

Directed Energy LLC – Research Scientist (2015-2016)

      • Project Description: Directed Energy LLC focuses on transformational applications of directed energy for applications ranging from photonic power transmission to relativistic propulsion. We come from a major university environment with more than 4 decades of experience in technology and its applications from terrestrial to space missions.

Multiplex Engineering – Electronics Technician (2014-2015)

      • Project Description: Multiplex Engineering is a technology company specializing in the serial databus standards being used in the automotive industry. We design and manufacture diagnostic interface hardware needed to build OBDII scan tools.
      • Assemble and repair automotive diagnostic interfaces and cables
      • Write technical procedures for product assembly

Community College Drafting – Tutor (2014)

  • Project Description: Generate two-dimensional and pictorial drawings (including multi-views, dimensioning, auxiliary views, sectional views, isometric projection, and oblique projection) using mechanical Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) for an engineering product using standard drawing conventions recognized in the engineering field


    • Tutored 40 students in Engineering Drafting

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JaC’s Eggs – Founder (2010-2012)

      • Project Description: JaC’s Eggs sold free-range chicken eggs to neighbors and friends. As it was my first business venture, I learned many early lessons in entrepreneurship.
      • Planned, designed, and built a chicken coop.
      • Invested in three successive flocks of chickens.


  • Since receiving my first LEGO set, I have continually enjoyed constructing and creating. One hundred thousand bricks later, my favorite set is still a LEGO robotics kit, the Mindstorms RCX, a set that contained both hardware and software. This unlocked a new tier of functionality and laid the foundation for my practical knowledge in engineering.


    • Explored structural and mechanical design through LEGO
    • Graphically programmed with software based on LabVIEW, a flexible tool used both in my classes and by professionals globally.
    • Participated in the FIRST LEGO League competitions, gaining insights into the operations of robotics teams as we build robots to compete in various obstacle courses.