Feature Film Projects

The Web of Life (production anticipated 2020)

Project Description: Two step brothers, one a nerd and the other a surf bum, forced to cohabitate in a college town and navigate a surf cult, end up bonding and meeting somewhere in the middle.

  • Co-writer
  • Producer
  • To apply for a role, please submit an application to this casting call

Jim Ryun Documentary (in production)

Project Description: Jim Ryun broke the four-minute mile in high school and competed in three Olympics, achieving silver in Mexico City. Allowing the Lord to guide his steps, Jim went on to raise a family, become a Congressman, and found running camps for youth.

  • Associate Producer

    Crafted the business plan with the producers

  • Camera Operator

    Provided equipment and flew to Colorado Springs to record ten interviews at one of the running camps

Rescued (completed)

Project Description: Twins struggle with addiction, redemption, and brotherly love.

  • Production Manager – Credited

    Planned shoots with producers then generated and distributed call sheets to the cast and crew of 50

  • Associate Producer – Uncredited

    Crafted the business plan, budget, and schedule with producers and Movie Magic software

  • Data Wrangler – Uncredited

    Designed and operated a data station on set that successfully processed over 50TB of footage from two Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K cameras

  • 2nd AC – Uncredited
  • Boom Operator – Uncredited
  • Script Supervisor – Uncredited
  • IMDb

Redemption of the Heart (Released 2015)

Project Description: Scarred by betrayal, a desperate man cons churches until he receives a second chance.

  • Crew – Credited

    Gained holistic knowledge of the independent filmmaking process from a graduate of Brooks Institute: lighting, sound, camera, etc.

  • Associate Producer – Uncredited

    Filmed promotional material and aided a successful marketing campaign that resulted in filling all 2,000 seats at the premiere and raising $11k on Kickstarter to complete the film for distribution

  • Official Website
  • IMDb
  • Available on Amazon, GooglePlay, iTunes, Pureflix, and other platforms

Television Projects

Andrew Mayne: Ghost Diver (Premiered 8/2/19 on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week)

Project Description: Master illusionist Andrew Mayne is going to attempt to create the first of its kind SHARK SUIT to overcome the senses of a great white shark and make him invisible to the world’s most perfect predator.

  • Engineering Consultant

    Advised the designing and assisted in the manufacturing of the SHARK SUIT)

  • Boom Operator
  • BTS and 2nd Unit Camera Operator
  • Watch it now on Discovery Go or YouTube

Video Projects

Laser Array Mounted on a Hexapod
MAT EoYS 2018
Laser Drone Tracking
Laser Asteroid Overview
Necsel Internship
Project Dragonfly
Boy Scout Camp
White Wedding
Asteroid Deflection SCURR 2016
Asteroid Deflection KITP
Laser Comm Demo
Asteroid Deflection SCURR 2015
Death Star in Celestia
Caltech Robotics Video
Worldview Measurement Project
Lamplighter Frozen Fire Dramatic Audio
Laser Comm AIM 2016

IMDb Profile

Miscellaneous Crew, Actor, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Biography: Jonathan Madajian is known for his work on Shadow at the Door (2019), RESCUED and Plasmid (2019). See full bio >>
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